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Resin bust 1/9 for assembling and painting
Title       : Space Adventurer 2
Code      : 2D0002
Sculpt     : Pavol Ovecka
Art         : Radek Dosko
Box Art   : Michal Krepelka
Content   : 3 resin parts,
                 photoetched part - emblem
                 tinned copper wire
                 brochure, sticker
Space Adventurer 2

Space Adventurer 2

2D0002 - resin bust for collectors 1/9

45,00 € Add
Longer than a day…

On 12 April 1961 at 6:06:59 UTC, to the roar of the carrier rocket’s motors, Y.A. Gagarin’s dream came true, and at the same time the last hope of G.S.Titov to become the first man in space died. In spite of the many FIRST he achieved, he has remained the second for all time.
Gherman Stepanovich Titov was born on 11 September 1935 in the village of Verkhneye Zhilino, he completed studies at the school of aviation and became a fighter pilot of the Leningrad Military District. As part of the selection process he was invited in 1960 to the first cosmonauts' squad, where he underwent arduous training and along with Yuri Gagarin and Grigori Nelyubov won through to the trio of elite candidates for the first manned flight into space. Due to his family, which could have been classified amongst the “intelligentsia”, Gherman Titov did not have a wholly ideal origin for a national hero. According to instructors he learned the procedures a little slower than, for example, Gagarin, but after he had mastered them he made a minimum of errors. But thanks to his irascible nature he reacted worse to any unexpected situations. Despite these qualities, Titov was a very strong candidate. A decision of the state committee from 8 April 1961 "condemned" Titov to the role of first space substitute. He could not have known that due to the better result in certain areas of training and greater self-confidence, the head of the cosmonauts' squad, Nikolai Petrovich Kamanin, had kept him in reserve for a later, more complicated and longer flight. read more...

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