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Resin bust 1/9 for assembling and painting
Title       : Space Adventurer 3
Code      : 2D0004
Sculpt     : Pavol Ovecka
Art         : Radek Dosko
Box Art   : Michal Krepelka
Content   : 7 resin parts, 1 clear part
                 photoetched part - emblem
                 brochure, sticker
Space Adventurer 3

Space Adventurer 3

2D0004 - resin bust for collectors 1/9

45,00 € Add
The first one outside the spaceship...

At 8:34:51 UTC on 18 March 1965 Alexey Leonov saw something that no human had seen before - for the first time he saw the earth not through the window of a spacecraft's capsule. He was about to take another of the great steps on the road to the conquest of space - he was about to become the first person to walk in space...
Alexey Arkhipovich Leonov was born on 30 May 1934 in Listvyanka as the eighth of eleven children. During the Stalinist purges his father had been falsely accused and imprisoned. After he had proven his innocence and had been released, the entire family moved to Kemerov. Here young Alexey started to attend primary school, and the teachers discovered his talent for art. At that time Alexey met a military pilot whose bearing and uniform enthralled him. In 1947 the Leonovs were on the move again, this time to Kaliningrad. Here Alexey decided to study at an academy of arts in Riga. Unfortunately the costs of study and accommodation far exceeded the possibilities of the Leonovs. And so the disappointed Alexey returned to his childhood dreams and decided on a career as a pilot. But he never lost his love of art - it has stayed with him through his entire life.
In 1953 he was accepted for the first year of flight training in Kremenchuk. He performed his first flight here with an instructor in January 1955 and in May he performed his first solo flight. In the same year he began two years of training on the MIG-15 jet fighter in Chuguev. On 30 October 1957 he completed training with honours and joined the 10th Guards Division based in Kremenchuk.  Read more...
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