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Resin figure for assembly and painting
Title        : TSUSHIMA 1905
Code       : 2D0003
Scale      : 75 mm
Sculpt     : Fero Mojzita 
Box Art    : Lukas Zaba
Content   : 6 resin parts,  photoetched part, string
  decals for life buoy, painting guide
  brochure 32 pages, stickers
Tsushima 1905

Tsushima 1905

resin figure 75 mm for collectors

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The Russian admiral Zinovy Petrovich Rozhestvensky (1848–1909) bears the stigma of the defeat at Tsushima, one of the greatest ever defeats in naval warfare, which resulted in the destruction of the entire Russian Second Pacific Squadron, and also of the Dogger Bank Incident, when Britain came close to abandoning its neutrality and going to war against Russia side by side with Japan. The nickname Mad Dog did his reputation no favours either, and as a result of all of this people forget how much courage, skill, and strength of spirit it took for the Russian admiral to take a mixed squadron of ships and untrained sailors and steam around three continent from Kronstadt to the Gulf of Korea into a battle that was already lost and strategically futile.
   V. P. Kostyenko, a ship's engineer on the Oryol, described Rozhestvensky as an extremely hardworking man with a steely, penetrating gaze and hard, curt manner of speech. He was tall, sturdy and slim, and gave the impression of being a man who knows what he was getting into, what he wants to get, and won't change course even in the slightest. read more...

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